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Fine wines, online, anytime. Blackmarket’s founder started his online business literally from his garage and Fuse have been involved with the development of the brand right from those humble beginnings.

The logo identity is a simple wordmark – the company URL. With no physical office and no printed collateral, the brand exists only in the cloud. The black and white colour palette, although punctuated by occasional splashes of red, remains the distinctive look and feel for the website. has grown into one of New Zealand’s largest online wine sites and has recently expanded into trade sales, with an add-on to the core logo that mimics the URL.

Working alongside Blackmarket’s web-coding team, Fuse provides brand guardianship and design input into the website, the development of a fully content managed eDM template, promotional links for the site and also a range of house-branded clothing and wine labels.

As an enthusiastic product testing team, Fuse staff regularly user-test the site and could be said to have contributed generously to the growth in sales – especially around Christmas time!!