Framecad logo identity on Factory in a Can

Framecad profile and print collateralFramecad electronic DM on iPadFramecad 3 Tips DM packageFramecad website and EDMsFramecad machine logo brandingImproving Lives Now.

That’s the core philosophy behind Framecad – world leaders in delivering end-to-end factory enablement for light gauge steel framing.

The ideals of a global market, sharing and developing technology that makes a real difference at a community level are encapsulated in Framecad’s company logo and brand positioning. Framecad has developed a fully sustainable and complete solution to developers and contractors that need to erect quality buildings quickly and at low cost. This makes it ideal for developing countries and emergency housing, where access to plant and materials can be severely compromised.

Taking this Kiwi innovation to the world has seen Framecad and Fuse work together to design and brand portable factories, known as ‘Factory in a Can’, which can establish a fully productive factory in a matter of days. Effective and consistent branding has helped to establish Framecad as a go-to solution for global relief agencies.

As Framecad’s brand champions we use electronic direct mail extensively. We’ve set up a mail platform to reach targeted, personalised and segmented markets. Each customer reads information relevant only to them and Framecad are able to track and understand their clients’ requirements comprehensively. Built primarily as a lead generater, the data also provides critical regional information for sales teams on the ground.

From customised software through to shipping containers the Framecad brand is growing into a truly international icon of NZ technology.