Intelligent Design + ConstructionIndesco Site SignageSUV vehicle signageIndesco truck signageIndesco print collateralIndesco websiteDesign and build is fast becoming the preferred construction method for commercial projects. With over 30 years experience, one South Auckland company is at the forefront of this trend, specialising in design and build solutions in the commercial, marine, aeronautic and education sectors.

But one thing was holding them back – their name. Econobuilt was a memorable name, but most people associated it with the semi-circular corrugated-iron barns they first started producing back in 1982. They were known as ‘the barn company’, and this perception was making it hard to get people to see them as a serious option for non-rural construction.

Fuse was commissioned with developing a new name that would showcase the expertise within the company and position them as a design and build full solution provider. The name we came up with was Indesco – a construct based on the first syllables of the words in the statement Intelligent Design + Construction.

A new visual identity, bold colour choices, dynamic graphics are combined with logo lockups which highlight the origin of the name as well as the sales proposition. Overall, the new look is fresh and confident and is already becoming recognised on sites all over New Zealand.