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Sungchang forestry logo on woodstackSungchang Enterprise, Korea.

When 90 year old Korean forestry giant, Sungchang made a commitment to Clean & Green, who better to turn to for inspiration than New Zealand?

One of the company principals, a regular visitor to New Zealand, was particularly taken with a logo he’d seen on a NZ supplier’s business card. The supplier gave him Fuse’s contact details and a new international relationship was born.

Beginning with the modernisation of the company marque, Fuse has worked with Sungchang to roll out not just a new look and feel for the company, but a whole new attitude. Even the fire trucks have had a makeover!

For over four years, Fuse have continued to embark on a range of projects for Sungchang, including the launch of new product ranges and operating divisions, with the company brand evolving into a suite of identities all based on the original corporate marque.