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Take courage, act manfully.

We all remember our school days – and the memories are not always fond ones!

Sacred Heart College however has a spirit that is both challenging and captivating. When Fuse was asked to visually define the essence of the school, the project became an exciting journey where moral and ethical faith merged easily with pragmatic intention, determination and spirit. Everything about this place inspired us. Expressing this mantra to the community together with their tagline the ‘making of Marist men’ was our challenge, from traditional motifs to photographic imagery to the written word.

The photography assignment alone was daunting. From early misty morning shoots with the rowers, fiercely fought and muddy encounters on the sports fields, to capturing the genuine spirit of friendship, support and ‘brotherhood’ of everyday school life. The school gets in your blood, with every endeavour from the science lab to the sports field driven by the desire to have the courage to do the right thing.

Sacred Heart College knows what it stands for. It believes in its principles, and so do the boys who attend. The journey we took with the school in expressing these values in both print and digital media left us with a lasting impression, and drove a strong desire from everyone involved with the collaborative process to do justice to the communications meant to engage the greater Auckland community.

Drawing on the past, Fuse worked with Sacred Heart College to refine the school crest and motto – Confortare Esto Vir – to make this message relevant to today’s world and to engage and inspire a new generation of Marist men.