Southern Cross Travel Insurance

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Everyone loves a holiday, especially Kiwis. For a bunch of people named after a flightless bird, we sure love to fly. 9 times out of 10, everything goes to plan. Occasionally, it doesn’t.

And that’s where Travel Insurance comes in. No-one expects things to turn to custard, but if they do, you want to know you’ll be well looked after.

A lot has changed in the last 10 years. Back then, most New Zealanders simply added their travel insurance on to their ticket price at a travel agent. Independent travel insurers were virtually unheard of and Southern Cross Travel Insurance had a meagre 4% market share. That’s when Fuse began work on developing a brand that has now become New Zealand’s most recognised travel insurance supplier.

Our first objective was to let New Zealanders know there was a choice – a better, more direct way to buy travel insurance. To communicate this message, the Starman character was created. He became a virtual crash test dummy in a succession of international escapades aimed at demonstrating the types of jams people can get into on holiday. Over the first five years of Starman’s tenure, he grew to become a well recognised and popular character, helping to grow SCTI’s business by over 400% and spearheading a hugely successful launch of the brand into the Australian market.

Over this time, we came to understand that travel insurance is a bit different from other insurance. It’s very short-term, often a last minute decision and for regular travellers, it may be purchased several times a year. In 2008, SCTI responded by making a conscious decision to become an online business. Fuse worked closely with SCTI and our media partners to devise a comprehensive strategy to drive customers to online purchasing.

2012 marks Starman’s 10th birthday and his world is a very different place. Now, 99% of sales are made online and SCTI looks after over 40% of all Kiwis when they travel. Fuse has been there all the way, working closely with SCTI management to develop marketing strategy, create exciting and effective campaigns and to ensure that the brand is always top-of-mind in a highly competitive market.