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“Refreshingly different”.

That’s a good place to start. And at the start is exactly where Fuse began with Triplejump. A brand new franchise in the New Zealand insurance market, Triplejump are a bit different.

They’re about embracing the positive and protecting it…for life.

Fuse have been involved with Triplejump from day one, we even helped develop the name. In designing the identity, our goal was to capture the vitality and enthusiasm of the founders and to inject some much needed energy into the insurance market. A playful marque and vibrant colour palette captures the essence of Triplejump and underpins the core brand values.

Triplejump communications are bright, they’re direct and they focus on the positive. Gone are the soft focus images of old that hint at some non-specific impending disaster. Life happens…and when it does, Triplejump will be right there to support you.  That’s the Triplejump difference.

Helping clients to protect their lifestyle along with their life is Triplejump’s aim. Communicating regularly and providing relevant, topical information is one of the keys to establishing a long term relationship of trust. Whether by regular newsletter, customised seminars or via their website, Triplejump’s message is enduring. As life happens. We’ll be there.