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Saving the earth - that’s a bold claim. But that’s exactly what Chilltainers are designed to do.

The problems and costs with polystyrene packaging are myriad. Consumers are demanding an alternative, one that costs less - financially and environmentally.

Chilltainers thermal packaging is the solution - a recyclable, high performance alternative to polystyrene – one that doesn’t cost the earth.

Seafood, shellfish, meat, dairy, fresh produce, beverages – you name it, Chilltainers can keep it cool.

Chilltainers stationery design


Our challenge was to create a brand and identity that conveys the solution to a wider global market, particularly fisheries, meat and dairy producers from every corner of the globe.

Our responsive website is loaded with graphic representations of the capability and benefits of Chilltainers that will captivate and inform, whether you’re an English speaker or not.


“The world is screaming out for a solution to the environmental black hole that is polystyrene. We have that solution and we are very excited about teaming with Fuse to let the world know about it.”

Hamish McGregor, CEO

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