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Unitec were looking to deliver on their promise to students, parents and industry, that they offer the tools to transform students' lives through the power of education.

Key stakeholders were engaged and a culture change programme developed.

Workshop material, animations, video, digital communication and internet assets were created to support the programme.


The CEO used the annual staff conference ‘Kickstart’ to launch ‘Be a PART of better’, a call to action for all staff to live the brand values.

These values became the employee value proposition and Better jobs, Better careers, Better lives represented the student outcomes.

Findings from consultation were presented and workshops where held to stimulate conversation and ask staff to make their own personal pledges.

Site wide screen savers, internet banners, animations, emails and events were used to feed back results and continue positive engagement.


“Right from the first workshops, Fuse were integral in helping activate our highly successful Kickstart programme. Their ability to bring our brand values to life went a long way towards ensuring our staff were fully engaged in the 'Be a PART of Better’ programme."

Alistair Kirk, General Manager - Marketing, Unitec


Consultation was at the heart of this culture change programme, so a call for nominations was sent out. In video interviews, staff described behaviour they thought best represented PART.

The ceremony at the annual staff awards was used to deepen the emotional connection to PART and champion outstanding individual and team examples.

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